Fresh Ass Quesadillas

What is this?

Laguna is an anti-authoritarian imageboard for to help you survive life under capitalism by providing a space to engage in quality discussion and share

a e s t h e t i c s

Why did you do this?

we wanted to create a space that was not infested with nazis where I could talk about the things we find interesting. Namely: anarchism, communism, feminism, vaporwave, seapunk and opossums, to name a few.

In particular, we were inspired by a couple of now dead boards -- Reast in Power: The superb Arisuchan and the short-lived but unforgettable 0chan. We welcome refugees from those communities while seeking to expand the discussion even further.

What's up with the beach imagery?

It's just an aesthetic, we chose vaporwave because it is itself a critique of consumerism imagery, but we are not sectarian, cyber-punk or other *waves are more than welcome.

You deleted my post/comment, wtf?

It probably violated one of the board rules or was just a low quality post, do better

What software do you use to run laguna?

We originally used vanilla vichan with a few scripts from lainchan and wired-7, but now have accepted the inevitable and migrated to lynxchan.

Can you add more board?

There are more boards planned in the future assuming we see a growth in the user-base. You can always request new boards in /meta/ and if there are enough posts on a certain topic we may open up new boards to fill that niche.

How do I become a mod?

Hang around a while with an established(and verified) user account, volunteer

Do you have a mumble and IRC server ?

not at the moment, we may set up a matrix channel soon

How secure is laguna ?

We have taken steps to make the site as secure as possible, we currently are running off a Virtual Private Server (VPS) in eastern europe that supposedly doesn't share report copyright infringement. We've made sure to harden the server, and to protect users we remove metadata from uploaded content, for moderation purposes, we do store IP addresses temporarily, but the logs on both lynxchan and hte VPS are deleted every 2 weeks (14 days exactly). If you're concerned about security, you should probably use the the Tor Browser or at least use a private / incognito window. Tor users should be redirected to our .onion site, However to protect ourselves from pedo-bots, Tor users are forbidden from uploading media.

Do I have to be an anarchist / commie to post here?

Not all all, anyone is welcome here so long as they are not a fascist or abuser. Follow the rules and be respectful and there won't be an issue.

Is shitposting allowed?

shitposting is compulsory