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about laguna.cafe

laguna.cafe is an anonymous imageboard, a collective art exhibition, a rendeveux point for like minded people and whatever else you want it to be

Use this space to share resources, express your most secret thoughts, post cringe or just lurk and don't post anything, weirdo :p

Unlike the vast majority of imageboards we are not a place for hatespeech or abuse: This space is anti fascist, anti racist/sexist/homophobia/tranphobia and all other phobia or reactionary ism. We are against all forms of oppression and heriarchy.

This place was made because there were anonymous spaces operating from an anti authoritarian perspective. We invite anyone who shares these basic values to participate. You can choose to share as little or as much as you want. We've taken cares to make this space as secure and private as possible, depending on your needs you can disable javascript, access the site through tor and posting with no personal identifying information.

FAQ – fresh ass quesadillas

common inquiries>


Is this a political site?
Not necessarily, this place has been made by and for anarchists and fellow travelors, there are explicitly political boards like /acab/ and /prx/, but most boards are not explicitly political. Anyone can post here as long as you follow the rules. Above all, an imageboard is about Multimedia, this place is designed to upload and browse various media formats with ease without concern for copyright trolls and corporate spyware.

Why the Vaporwave theme?
vaporwave invokes a series of aesthetic and philosophical ideas related to nastalgia, techno distopia, late stage capitalism, the deteurment of consumerist imagery. laguna.cafe is a simulation of an older kind of internet but with modern features, a love letter to web1.0, it's designed to be labyrinthine, to create rabbitholes

Along with politics and technology, this place is about asethetics: art, games, movies, tv, music; give us your memes, your screenshots, your linkdumps. This is a place for all kinds of *punks, cores, and *waves, to name a few:
wall of buzzwords; cyberpunk, seapunk, steampunk, crustpunk anarcho-punk, textpunk, breadpunk, frust funk, future-funk, afro futurism, laborwave strikewave, riotwave, core, retrogaming, pixelart, glitchart, ansii, graffiti, street art, 90s anime,

What is an Imageboard?

first lets' go over what an imageboard is, exactly

Imageboards: boards and multiboards

An imageboard is organized into individual boards ( ex: /tek/, /wav/, /acab/) which can be viewed either as a feed or a catalogue . the main /tek/ board will give you the index.html feed. The catalogue is located at /tek/catalogue.html OR click the 'cat' navigation icon on the bottom bar.

Collections of boards are agreegated into ‘multiboards" For example the /overboard/ contains all posts, the sfw overboard contains only boards marked 'safe for work'

Mutiboards can can also be created in the address by by adding boards together Like so:

https://laguna.cafe/an+mu+tek will agreegate /an/ /mu/, and /tek/, into a single threaded page, which can also be followed via rss at https://laguna.cafe/an+mu+tek/index.rss

Each Board and Multiboard has it's own Rss Feed located at /index.rss, for example the /mu/ music rss feed is located at lagna.cafe/mu/index.rss and the overboard rss is located at laguna.cafe/overboard/index.rss - download or copy and paste the link into an RSS reader to follow boards remotely.

How do I Post
There are two posting modes: New Post and Reply Each post requires some text or uploaded media, and may include a Title, a Name, and email/other contact address, a variety of media is supported ( see below).

Captcha is required for all posts, which requires a cookie.* You can reply to one or multiple comments, and a number of Markdown options are available see the help page OR hit the hp! link at the top.
*If cookies are blocked the captcha will not work, you can choose the ‘no cookie’ option, this will take you to a new page to complete a captcha, follow the prompts and it will give youa posting code, paste the code into the captcha
Navigation Key
To save space in the user interface, we’ve used abreviations, the meaning of these is explained below:
Top navigation bar
  • hom home – the front page
  • bds boards – a list of all boards
  • all the overboard; an agregated feed of all posts from all indexed boards posts
  • sfw "safe for work" overboard, agregated posts from all boards marked SFW
  • hp! Help or posting page, information on using markdown and other features
  • prefs site preferences
  • lurk this for Followed Threads, hit the Eyeball symbol in the title of threads you like and they'll appear here
  • favorite boards when you hit the Star next to the board title, a shortcut will appear in the top right corner

Bottom Nav Bar
  • < this this the ‘back’ arrow which allows you to go to the main board page
  • A arrow pointing Up - to the top of the page
  • V arrow pointing DOWN - to the bottom of page
  • cat short for Catalogue, "catalog view" of all posts in a given board
  • rss link to RSS feed, paste into newsreader to follow board remotely
  • log moderation logs
  • stacked squares Gallery Mode, hit ESC to close
  • four lines Side Catalog, list of posts in a given board

Front Page Bottom Bar
  • grafs Graphs of site usage
  • logs Moderation logs
  • rulz Global Rules
  • lnkz Links page, or the Webring
  • mod Moderator Account page

Do I need an Account?
Unless you plan on becoming a moderator there is no reason create to an account. Innactive accounts are deleted after 90 days. You do not need to give a name or email unless you really want to – a default user name, and perhaps a poster ID will be generated automatically

What Filetypes are Supported?
Users are able to upload any of the following filetypes:
image/ico, image/png, image/jpeg, image/gif, image/bmp, video/webm, audio/mpeg, video/mp4, video/ogg, audio/ogg, audio/webm, audio/mp3, application/epub+zip, application/pdf, application/x-mobipocket-ebook.

How do I edit / delete a post?
It's currenctly not possible for anonymous users to edit their posts. If you provide a a password, you can delete the post and redraft it. Go to the bottom and hit 'View Forms' to see password.

Why was my Post Edited or Deleted?
Certain Words, like notorious racial slurs will automatically be *improved*, redundant posts, spam, low information, rambling, pointless bickering or other line noise will be pruned and cleaned up occassionally.

Remember that this forum is a collective art installation, a curated public resource, both the mod team and users are responsbile for keeping the place comfy and useful for all who stumble here.
Can I share Copyrighted Material or Links to Pirate Sites?
File sharing is openly encouraged as well as information on where and how to attain media for free. If you are a creator and do not like that we shared your art, you are welcome to claim your work, for independant creators we will consider taking content down. However, We do not respond to lawyers or copyright trolls, and neither does our hosting porovider :^)

Why Can't I post? -- Common Issues
  • "Laguna.Cafe is closed, try again later"
  • To cut down on spam, I will often put the board into ‘Maintainance Mode’ which means no posts can be made but all posts can still be read. The IRC room will stay open.
  • “Wrong Or Expired Captcha”
  • If you repeatedly get this error and you know you got the captcha correct, his is likely a cookie related issue, try hitting the ‘no cookie” option.

  • “Connection Refused”
  • this is an internet connection issue, it could be on your or our end.

    Suggested workarounds TLDR: Upload individual, small smalls as much as possible
    Upload a smaller file | Upload only 1 file
    (Advanced) Compress the file to a smaller size
    Upload to some other site or find a link to it using reverse image search
    Just post text, whatever
  • rk9 rejected your post
  • the rk9 bot rejects redundant posts, if you try to upload the same file multiple times you may recieve this warning. In this case it might be better to convert the file to another extension, resize it or change it in some way
  • You are Banned From All Boards
  • False positives happen often as result of our Anti Spam Measures, if you’re banned by mistake you will be given option to ‘Appeal Ban’, please leave a short note.

I Saw something Fucked Up Posted Here, wtf?
Spam, particularly of horrible shit like child abuse or or extreme racism is something that happens occasionally, on an anonymous forum. We try hard to catch that as soon as possible but we cannot watch all boards at all times.
It's recommend you first Report the offending post, then Hide it. We will take it down as soon as we can

If you want to help with the spam situation you can apply to be a mod

How Do I become a mod?
  1. Sign up for an account here or just click the ‘mod’ button at bottom right of front page.
  2. Go to the #mod room on the irc OR just reply to the Mods Wanted thread in /meta/
  3. chit chat a little big, let me the admin, know what you're about and which board(s) you'd like to moderate. You can also create a new board if you like.
  4. If all goes well you can spend your free time banning nazis and pedophiles without compensation

Anti Spam measures
  • Limited Operating Hours: periodically the board is put into 'maintainance mode' which stops all new posts. So the site is only open when there is someone to moderate it, and the mere act of closing the board at irregular intervals seems to confuse the spam bots.
  • DNSL database - we use multiple DNSL databases, chosen at random but tested to a large degree.
  • Tor Control -Image uploads/posting may be blocked occasionally while experiencing tor based spam.
  • Captcha is set at highest difficulty, sorry, it's necessary
  • Anti Spam Board - we set aside the board /a/ to catch spammers, since they usually go after alphabetically first and most active board.

Security Precautions

To protect user security we take numerous precautions:

  • exif data is stripped from uploaded media
  • user information like IP address are deleted after 14 days
  • inactive user accounts are deleted after 90 days
  • Users are encouraged to use the Tor Browser and visit our hidden service, if you're very paranoid disable javascript, the board should look and funciton fine without it – tho javascript offers minor conventiences.
  • offshore VPS provider the server is hosted in maldova by alexhost, this was chosen spefically because they ignore DCMS requests and exist outside the jurisdiction of many western polic agencies.

Server Info
Our Hostin gprovider is Alexhost and our VPS has a modest, 1.5gb of ram and 10gb of storage. If we see some significant growth in the next year, we can update to 4gb 40gb dual core VPS which would be more than enough – the total cost for that would be about 100$ a year.
How can I donate?
The server costs are paid for through Monero (XMR). If you'd like to Donate, you can purchase monero easily from localmonero.co and then send it to this address
^^make sure it matches perfectly^^
XMR is literally the only cryptocurrency worth anything, that and perhaps 0x. But I'll really take anything i can get, so in the future I will take donations in more currencies
Why do you Use Crypto Currency?
to protect myself --the admin's -- privacy I can't provide a paypal or anything like that. So the server is paid for thru Monero(XMR), a crypto currency focused on privacy. I am not necessariy pro cryptocurrency, but it is one way the privacy of both myself and anyone seeking to donate.

if you don't feel confortable using monero, take whatever money you thought about donating to me and give it to a grassroots mutual aide group.