Global Rules
The 3 B's
  1. No Bigotry
  2. No Bootlicking
  3. No Bullshit
Terms of Service
  1. Follow teh Rulz, obvs
  2. You are an Adult /18+
  3. Your Posts are Your Own
  4. Don't Do Anything Illegal*
  5. Don't Spam
  6. Don't Hack me, pweez
  7. Enlighted Despotism
Etiquette Guide

The Three B’s

misinformation, pretending, acting in bad faith, spamming, etc. see ToS for more details.

Remember: each board has it’s own board specific rules: see for example the rules for the rules for >>>/an/

Terms of Service


just to be Absolutely Fucking Clear

  1. Follow the Gosh Dang Rules

  2. by posting it's assumed you have read, understand and are making a good faith effort to follow the Gloal Rules, the board specific rules, the term sof service and the Etiquette Guide.

  3. You must be an Adult / 18+ to use this site

  4. laguna.cafe is aduls only, sorry

  5. Your Posts are Your Own

  6. Users are respossible for their own posts and uploaded media as well as the consequences of those actions, legal or otherwise.

  7. Don’t Do Anything Illega*

  8. Do not post anything that violates the law of Maldova or the country you – the user – resides in. Especially but not limited to Images of Child Abuse or any kind of physical or sexual abuse, links to illicit services, incitement to commit crimes or any incriminating information or evidence of crime. Content relating to illegal activity is either satire or for informational purposes only.

    *exceptions apply e.g. copyright desecration
  9. Don’t SPAM

  10. Links to commercial services is highly discouraged with the exeption of independent artists, content creators or game developers, community organizations etc. If you're in doubt, you're probably not spamming ;) Keep in mind, Something acceptable may become Spam if posted repeatedly. Links to other boards that have not been approved, especially to content which violates the 3 B’s is not allowed.

  11. Don’t Hack Me

  12. trying to pwn the server, DDOS, running malicious js or other scripting attacks, webscraping or running bots, analytics or any kind of automated attack may result in an IP block.

  13. Enlightened Despotism

  14. Users may be banned, their accounts deleted and IP’s blocked, Posts may be edited, moved, archived or deleted by moderators FOR ANY REASON we see fit. In our benevolence we allow Bans to be appealed; Bans are lifted solely at the moderators discretion.


+##%%-                             *#*##%+.
.#@@@@#-                            @@@@@@@+
  +@@@*:   .....-=..............    *%@@@@@#
  .=%@-  =%@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@++:  .-+*+-
     %@%*+       -#%@@@@@+         :%@@@%
     #@+            *@@@#-          .:#@#
     #@+             @@@*.           -#@#
     %@*         ...*@@@@*:.         -#@%
     %@*      .-*@@@@@@@@@@@+.       :#@#
     %@*      #@@@@@@###@@@@@@*:      +@#
     #@*      %@@@*=.   =%@@@@%=     +%@#
     %@@@@@@@@@@@%       +% +%@@@@@@@@@@%
       *+%@@@@@@@%       +% :#@@@@@@@%##*
:+%%+:    #@@@@@@@@=.    =@@@@@@@:
=%@@@#-   #@@@@@@@@@%####%@@@@@@@%#   +*%#*
+%@@#:   .#@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  -@@@@%
+%@*:    #@@@@*   :*@@@@+    @@@@%*   :%@@@%
 **      #@@@@=     @@@@*    %@@@%    :#@@#

Etiquette Guide i.e. What You Can Do

Here is a non exhaustive list of Suggested Guidelines. these are not Rules punishable offenses only Suggestions, things to think about before posting.

Lurk Moar - Try not to be redundant – could this post be a comment?
before making a new post, look around and see if a post on the same or similar topic still exists, if so reply there. If not, look around to see which board fits the post best.

On “Necro Posting”
necro posting is boosting a very old thread, that is not a bad thing here: this is a very slow board, we're about quality over quantity, feel free to comment on any post, even and especially if it is very old

Self Promotion – just a little as a treat
this is an anonymous forum. Signing up for an account is possible but unneccesssary unless you plan to become a mod. While personal discussion is good and encouraged, sharing personal identifying information is risky.
If you consider the risks and still don’t think you have anything to hide. You may share a personal email / xmpp /matrix / discourse, website or another other information you choose.

Consider Server Resources
Laguna.cafe has limited storage size, if possible, try to link to an external hosting provider for large media like scanned pdf's videos or podcasts.

Consider Your Personal Security/Privacy
Ask yourself: ‘what is my threat model?’ and act accordingly. Consider what type of activity you are involved In. As you rule ‘never post anything that will be read back in court’ but if you are in a situation with information that needs to be shared, we offer options for protecting your security, at the expense of some minor conveniences.
The most secure way to post is to use the Tor Browser to connect to to our ‘hidden service’ with the secuity slider set to saftest. Even without the Tor Browser, you can manually disable javascript with an app like NoScript.

Consider the Privacy and Security of Others
if you’re sharing photos of protestors: blank their faces, tatoos and other identifying marks. While lynxchan uses the exiftool to removes exif data already, you can learn to do this on your own.

Bad Spelling is Obligatory
english spelling is bullshit, spell things however you want, don't correct people on spelling

Be Exellent to Each other
assume good faith, be nice to people, don’t be afraid of principled disagreement but do so respectfully, try Rogerian Argumentation

Consider a privacy respecting alternative
invisious, nitter, teddit, etc.

Content Warnings
a content warning is a little advisory for topics that may be offensive or unconfortable for some people, invoking traumatical experiences. Use CW's at your own discretion, just be considerate of other people. you can include a CW in the title of the post or reply, or in the first few lines of a post.

Spoilers obscure images until the user chooses to reveal them. They are for potentially disturbing images like gore and explicit sexual content. Spoilers should be accompanied by a CW, and are up to the users discretion, just be considerate.

image descriptions / Alt Text
Image Descriptions are Brief summaries of the content of an Image. They are helpful to those who screen readers or to people for whatever reason, might not have access to the image( for example a future archive ) they are appreciated but not strictly required.

Even if a post doess’t include an image description, you add this yourself in a comment, replying to the original image

Alt Text is a function of HTML that allows you to add image descriptions to images, unfortunately Lynxchan doesn't support adding alt test, but it's possibly something we make an addon for.

On Slurs
There are many kinds of slurs, Tankie and Bootlicker are both slurs: good and useful slurs, however there are slurs which are used to oppress, to ‘punch down,' More notorious racial and homophobic slurs are automatically banned on theis site. There are also other, less agregioius but still hurtful slurs, many of them are part of our daily life, particularly ableist slurs, such casual hurtful is not strictly bannable, but it may be edited out by moderators.

Be Verbose
the default character limit is 10,000, WOW that's alot of text use them, tell us how you really feel

Bring Goodies
dump your favorite memes, include lots of links: links to podcasts, to articles, to videos to other forums, to resources, to fedi instances and obscurse websites

Use Markdown
you can improve your posts by using the build in markdown used in the page

Be Original
Original Content is highly desired, original memes, original writings, links to personal blogs or social accounts. Uploading the same content or media repeatedly may be blocked

No Pressure, Have Fun
It doesn’t really matter that much, don’t worry if your post isn’t perfect, just append on if you left something out