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good ass praxis is whatever accellerates the destruction of capitalism either in the field of culture, politics or economics, think direct action, mutual aide, subversion of dominant narratives
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lagunanon 09/23/2020 (Wed) 04:15:32 No. 32 [Reply]
honest to god I wish there were more imageboards dedicated to anarchist theory, there are seriously only 3 that have ever existed and this one is the only one alive
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(144.48 KB 1125x1293 PoliceHorse.jpg)
What happened to 0ch.org? Got by the feds? I've been hopefully lurking solarchan.club lately but it's pretty ded.
>>47 oh solarchan.club is really cool, i like the minimalist feel, it looks like they wrote it from scratch >0ch.org had some issues server side, i think they did a botched migration or something irrc the former admin of 0ch now runs a fedi instance https://social.xenofem.me
>>48 arisu archive is up at https://legacy.arisuchan.jp

The "right wing" anarchon 10/31/2022 (Mon) 15:49:14 No. 50 [Reply]
It has come to my attention that a lot of self proclaimed "right wingers" may not be right wing by my definition. The way I understand it is right wing is strictly pro hierarchy/survival of the fittest. Let the weak die so the strong prosper. This is why the right wing love capitalism because it promotes this mentality. But, it seems like a lot of right wingers like to help others and want to see others prosper they have just been misled to identify with the right wing when their mentality is more suited for left wing principles. Has anyone else noticed this? A notable demographic that's an example of this are rednecks. Rednecks proclaim themselves to be right wing but they tend to be very communal and giving on a level a right winger wouldn't be able to.
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>>55 going back to the subject of talking to right wingers, i'm a big fan of rogerian argumentation, basically you repeat the argument back to the other person, first emphasizing the parts you agree with, then you mention where you disagree, the goal being to build upon common ground, i use it alot in my life and it is very effectively at getting people to respect you even if they disagree https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogerian_argument
>>79 I use rogerian argumentation as well. If the person you're talking to can get past their tribalistic instincts it's very effective, but getting to that point can feel impossible with certain people. Then again maybe the people who can't get past it aren't worth talking to to begin with. They are the kind of people that just believe what they believe because it feels right (aka normies). One crucial idea which I've found helps with getting people to agree with you is using their language. In politics semantics is everything. There are a lot of words that seem the same on the surface between political ideologies but actually have different meanings which completely change your understanding of that ideology. I love using this video https://yewtu.be/hDUWYObo6jk?t=1 as an example. The people in the video start off in conflict with one another about capitalism and if it's good or bad, but by the end they come to the realization that what they really disagreed on was the definition of capitalism. Speaking on the idea of leftbook and lefties/anarchists who chase clout do you think those people are genuine in their beliefs? I mostly view them as poseurs that aren't worth a conversation unless it's for a good laugh. Same thing with right wingers. There are a lot of boomers who use politics to be smug and feel superior.
>>80 Of course I want to clarify that in the video there was the agenda of "bottom unity" which put me off of it a little. In my opinion there should just be unity no us vs. them, but mainly I think it gives a good example of what progress looks like even if it's artificially manufactured which is the case with most political debates anyways.

(145.56 KB 584x678 anarchist-protest.png)
OCCUPY WALL ST. Revisited anarchon 08/08/2022 (Mon) 01:30:50 No. 82 [Reply]
Been Nearly 11 years since the first Occupation of Zukatti Park, alot has changed, more has stayed the same. We need to learn the lessons from Occupy if we're ever going to stop making the same mistakes. There's as much disinformation about Occupy and related movements as ever before and 10 years in it's time take we make a sober and informed analysis of what actually happened rather than repeating tired cliche's This is a thread for commentary and resources on The Occupy movement there's a thread from fedi I'm going to be drawing from, feel free to add or correct what you like https://todon.eu/@whatanerd/108780134141034860 Screenshot of Mastodon post from: nerd teacher whatanerd@todon.eu [Continued] Frustrations around using large-scale protests as 'anarchist' events. The other part of this is that in those same events, there's rarely a focus on what anarchists *were* doing beyond any that managed to grab media attention. Very rarely do I see people describe Occupy beyond the glimpses they saw where David Graeber was on the scene.

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(74.77 KB 668x1024 occupy-ballerina.jpg)
> it's surprisingly hard to find a high quality balerena on bull image Found it Whatever happened to AdBusters anyway? Didn't some of them go trumper or pro putin antivax antisemetic weirdo weirdo? It's really old to find scanned PDF's of old adbuster's issues, those anticonsumerists have great DRM i swear
>>90 this article mostly sucks but i knabbed this timeline, an example of shitty liberal analysis, they have "analysis" of BLM and other movements too ... cringe https://moveme.berkeley.edu/project/occupywallstreet/#impact-of-the-movement Timeline July 2011 First Planned Protest. Adbusters proposes a peaceful demonstration to Occupy Wall Street. August 2011 Anonymous Supports OWS. The hacktivist group Anonymous encourages its supporters to take part in the protest. September 2011 First OWS Gathering/Protest. The first OWS protest, consisting of around 1000, people takes place at Zuccotti Park.

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>>86 > alot of shit that is never brought up something else usually ignored are the Occupations in Universities on West Coast US and Canada and many other countries, that is where the tactic of occupation w/ general assemblies was developed and popularized, the Anti War movement ? opposition to Bush administrtion that made a lot of casualties, COINTELPRO shit ( ANSWER coalition ) Student radicalism was big thing in Bush Era in organizing anti war stuff, a lot of that became absorbed directly into Obama 2008, the student Occupations were like 2009/10 libcom published some really great stuff around the time, i wish more people would read it This is a collection of essays from activists who lived through them After the Fall: communiqu├ęs from occupied California https://libcom.org/article/after-fall-communiques-occupied-california Reflections on Kerr Hall (by student participants) https://libcom.org/article/reflections-kerr-hall-student-participants Reflections on the New School occupation - Arya Zahedi

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

11 years on Occupy is entirely forgotten.
>>93 Nah man, we are the 99%, Ron Paul 2012

(367.90 KB 1600x900 merca.jpg)
FUCK AMERIKKKA anarchon 07/05/2022 (Tue) 23:35:39 No. 95 [Reply]
General Anti Amerikkklan meme dump These are from the da share zone @izaya@social.shadowkat.net
(433.86 KB 1478x1010 patriotic_skell.jpg)
(505.87 KB 1600x900 mask_Skel.jpg)
(453.68 KB 1600x900 skel_on_society.jpg)
(441.54 KB 1920x1080 bricksatcops4.jpeg)

(79.19 KB 1005x1005 whats-going-on.jpg)
(85.23 KB 1005x1005 whats-going-on2.jpg)
(141.43 KB 1005x1005 whats-going-on3.jpg)
hwat's going on? freeform thread 0fux 04/03/2022 (Sun) 11:36:02 No. 99 [Reply]
did some updates, going to be spamming around, please drop in say hi Some Topics What should anarchists do in response to russian invasion of ukraine? What kind of anarchist organizing or direct action has been going on lately? In your area or internationally? What anarchist texts, podcasts, or videos have you read heard or seen lately? How's the crisis of every day life treating you? What do you think? How do you feel? what's it taste like? What the heck are we gonna do?

(856.31 KB 1280x1811 anarchy-new-year.jpg)
new year, same shit anarchon 01/01/2022 (Sat) 21:36:59 No. 100 [Reply]
may this year be a rebellious one
(164.11 KB 1200x1857 the-conquest-of-bread-23.jpg)
Greetings from https://breadpunk.club/ !
>>101 Cool ya know, i was just looking into the tildesphere and thinking "where's the the bread themed tilde?' this is an answer to my prayers
(541.25 KB 360x480 dragon.gif)
>>104 really cool little forum, thanks

DaffyDub DaffyDub 08/11/2020 (Tue) 20:15:04 No. 106 [Reply]
What happened? To start with, I'm talking about the situation in Germany. I don't know how it looks in other countries. Here in Germany right-wingers, Nazis, esoteric hippies and conspiracy theorists (at the moment the biggest danger is posed by QAnon and similar antisemitic right-wing groups) have started to stage anti-fascist groups, mainly anarchists, communists and socialists as defenders of our capitalist, still ultra conservative government even before Corona. Now that we seem to be the only voice of reason in times of Corona (we do a lot of pro-mask and anti-conspiracy theory actions), we are now really becoming it partly. We defend actions of the German government, advocate harder prosecution of Corona deniers and the like. At the same time the so-called extremism policy against left structures is getting harder and harder. This puts me in a strange situation as an Anarchist. Just a thought I wanted to share.
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I think of it this way: If you're going to force me to live under the boot of a state, this is the bare minimum that state can do to justify its unjustifiable existence.
>>108 > If violent action against some members were necessary to ensure the community was protected, we would still do it, just as against everyone who endangers others by any other mean. Doesn't this make you effectively a state since you are using coercion to achieve ends?
>>Doesn't this make you effectively a state since you are using coercion to achieve ends? Well that's not really what defines state, people can come to collective decisions and act in defense of those interests without forming a state: levying taxes, creating a self appointed heirarchy, enforcing laws covering the whole of society etc. An obvious example you wouldn't let creeps masturbate in a kids park, i'd imagine in a stateless society people would spontaneously step in and tell that wanker to get the fuck out of there under threat of violence -- OR there would be some free public mental health centers / housing for them to masturbate privately -- or maybe there'd be a designated wanker park, who knows. But with Covid specifically, the problem with applying that libertarian logic to modern state-capitalism is that there's coercion everywhere already, workers are coerced to work under threat of starvation and homelessness to keep the economy running -- most people would overwhelmingly choose to stay home if they could, especially if they could justify it via the plague -- which I think is a pretty good reason. In say an Anarcho-Syndicalist run economy, the various workers federations could come to a consensus that they would shut down operations in most industries accept for the most necessary, which would be directed towards making sure everyone could comfortably stay at home. It would probably go alot easier in the absense of right wing billionaires funding hysterical fake news about how the plague is a hoax and basic public health is tyranny.
>>111 The big argument against lockdowns and mask mandates is that it's this threat to personal liberty, and i suppose it could be and is used that way in certain countries ( In Latin America in particular, plenty of tyrants of made use of the Crisis ) but ironically these countries have seen least resistance to such measures. What I see from Americans and Europeans is entitled consumers who demand not only that they be free to go here or there but OTHER PEOPLE ARE FORCED TO SERVE THEM. They want fast food, they want coffee, they want to go shopping, they want no interruption in their lifestyle, they don't give a shit about the personal freedom of the people who have to cater to their infectious asses.

(163.52 KB 1011x539 croppedff7.png)
the world is fucked lagunanon 09/19/2020 (Sat) 13:44:17 No. 115 [Reply]
what the fuck man

Mark Fisher Zine lagunanon 08/13/2020 (Thu) 01:38:21 No. 116 [Reply]
here's a mark fisher zine(instagram, sorry) https://www.instagram.com/p/CDyNfi_lg9p/?igshid=hzoipre4pfa1
Rest in Power sad homie

(12.81 KB 225x224 images.jpg)
CTH lagunanon 08/10/2020 (Mon) 05:32:12 No. 118 [Reply]
I am curious what Laguna's thoughts were on Chapo Trap House podcast?
it's ok, the fanbase is full of halfbaked tankies, radlibs. their also not very pro anarchism. criticized defund/abolish the police. But, for getting far left idea's out in the open, it's very good at that.
they always seemed like shitlords to me, i know they defended Assad and pushed conspiracy theories about false flags in syria... The few episodes i listened to were fairly entertaining and I can't blame people for liking them, but in terms of their politics it seems like liberals in left clothing who built a fanbase of lonely white men. I suppose there's worse things they could be into so. Final analysis, they served a purpose for a time, but have outlived it at this point, there are many better podcasts out there these days.

DaffyDub 07/25/2020 (Sat) 23:42:40 No. 121 [Reply]
What is going on over there, US comrades? We are not getting alot of news here in Europe about ur situation atm. I hope you are all doing fine.
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>>123 The mainstream media has mainly been ignoring it or downplaying it, though police abuse does get coverage once in a while. Trump supporters and right wingers do say 'oh hte protestors deserve it' they are significant but a minority, the majority of people support the protests. Those 'federal agents' with no badges apparrently are just armed contractors.
look into what is happening in portland orgeon. protests everynight for over 50 nights. Feds are in town but the protesting crowd gets larger every night.
There is a podcast with robert evens and michael moore doing a good job covering the events https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUGb2zZ43Bo
Protesters are being kidnapped out in the open by federal goons, some are being forced to promise not to protest again. In my small conservative town in buttfuck nowhere a bunch of fully armed chuds lined up in front of the courthouse to intimidate protesters. The chuds were handing out pamphlets about how to legally kill someone. The police were giving the chuds high fives.
>>127 >> The chuds were handing out pamphlets about how to legally kill someone. The police were giving the chuds high fives. they really can't wait to start killing somebody , already have been running people over and getting away with it
Fucking hell.... that sounds like you are heading straight into a civil war.
>>128 Yeah. We need to start arming ourselves and organizing, fast.
>>129 Yeah, yeah, Trump may try to push back the election which is terrifying, right wingers, whether trump wins or loses will kill a bunch of people. I recommend everyone the podcast 'it could happen here' by robert evans, it's from a year or two ago talking against potential US civil war and imo really on the nose. Basically he predicts a rural right wing insurgency with a simultaneous leftist militant movement in urban areas and the gov repressing the fuck out of everyone, highly recommend https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1119-it-could-happen-here-30717896/
>>130 guns are hella cheap right now - could get easily get an rifle, shotgun and handgun for under $1000 Honestly I think we need to form a clandestine, cell like network of anarchists and allies
I send u solidarity. Getting armed seems very reasonable tbh.

(39.50 KB 460x345 a8MewP1_460s_v2.jpg)
DaffyDub DaffyDub 07/22/2020 (Wed) 16:27:28 No. 134 [Reply]
Nine years ago today, right-wing terrorist Anders Breivik let 77 people fall victim to his Templar fantasy and thus became the inspiration for a new generation of assassins. Among them: the man who murdered 9 people in the Olympia shopping centre in Munich on the 5th anniversary. For a long time it was concealed that the perpetrator, David Sonboly, was right-wing extremist motivated: his victims were Muslims, a Rome and a Sinto. Their enemy images: Marxism (always with Jewish connotations), feminism, migration, modernity. They feel threatened and persecuted by a modern, pluralistic society and even more by those who stand for it - socialist youth, people with a migration background, and, as we see it in the case of NSU 2.0, also concretely political opponents* (It is not surprising that these attacks mainly affected women: "even worse than the worst communist is the communist", as Theweleit already wrote). These are men whose actions are in their own eyes "the expression of a postulated necessity of the actions of self-imposed associations of superior right" (Theweleit). They think they are acting on a just mission, they bring to the world what they actually deserve. They see themselves as soldiers in a culture war for nothing less than race, nation and gender. They marry as "correctives" to a society that has gone astray and legitimize their mass murder with the imagined war for a world in which no one can be different without fear and in which they can be sure of their position of hegemony. In memory of the victims, it is our task to fight against these men and their ideology. No forgetting, never. Our task is a society where EVERYONE can be different without fear, in solidarity and love. We mourn, we fight, we educate ourselves and others, so that the always conjured "never again" becomes reality sometime. In memory of: Victoria Stenberg, 17 Eivind Hovden, 15 Tina Sukuvara, 18 Jamil Rafal Mohamad Jamil, 20 Steinar Jessen, 16 Espen Joergensen, 17 Sharidyn Svebakk-Boehn, 14 Rune Havdal, 43 Birgitte Smetbak, 15 Guro Vartdal Havoll, 18 Anne Lise Holter, 51 Kjersti Mountain Sand, 26

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Rest in Power little homies >>134 >they bring to the world what they actually deserve. They see themselves as soldiers in a culture war for nothing less than race, nation and gender. They marry as "correctives" to a society that has gone astray and legitimize their mass murder with t preach

(1.07 MB 1280x800 Firefox_wallpaper.png)
they always dissapoint you soyboymilk 07/22/2020 (Wed) 01:22:42 No. 136 [Reply]
i tested positive for the virus, and my "liberal" and "progressive" friend, who i had been around while being infected, decided not to get tested, or tell the people that he's living with that he might have been exposed. It's "too much for him." it was my birthday a few days ago, and he said he had something for me, but as soon as i told him that i was positive, he just fucking ghosted me. he's a piece of shit anyway, and i have his switch, so i dont really care, but this goes to show u how much you can trust "liberals" when push comes to shove. more often than not they will be fucking useless. yeah, he was a privileged, sheltered, guy.
>>136 wow what a fucking asshole you should put homebrew on his switch lol
>>136 that is shitty, at least a little sympathy would be nice. Learned not to really rely on 'friends' a long time ago, liberal, leftist or otherwise, they'll usually let you down. The weird irony about online people hundreds/thousands miles away is they never get those opportunities to be shitty.
I feel u there. Just dumb friends like that. The ones that have your back in bad situations like that are the ones u should keep around. Anyway I hope you get healthy soon. Stay strong

(32.97 KB 962x630 depression-m-02190737.jpg)
DaffyDub 07/06/2020 (Mon) 19:47:00 No. 140 [Reply]
A text by a friend of min on the topic methal health problems in the far left scene. Translated from German via deepl so there might be some errors in there but I had to share it with you guys. Part1: CN: Self-harm, depression) Against left-wing hero worship. For the sake of your mental health alone. Why are actually, at least according to my self-reflection, so many members of the radical left depressed? At least half of my personal environment is or was in therapy. Quite a few have scars on their arms, I am one of them. Ignoring one's own personal limits, working oneself into burnout, risking one's own physical and mental health, that's somehow part of doing political work. And that's shitty. I am used to hate myself, to blame myself, to punish myself. It is for me, and for many other depressed people, the usual way of dealing with oneself. It's just so simple. I think I started to hate myself at the age of 13 and - at that time mainly through self-injury - to punish myself for my inability to live up to my standards. I didn't deserve it any better, because: I couldn't meet my left-wing demands on myself to revolutionize the circumstances. During my adolescence I began to deal with how bad the world really is. Everywhere oppression, exploitation, political persecution, hunger, environmental pollution, everything really bad. From these insights, an empathetic, nice girl like me, who was around at 13, 14, developed the awareness that something should be done about it! And then you are confronted very, very quickly with your own powerlessness. The fact of not being able to save the world was my first big offence, ridiculous as it sounds. This was followed by a whole lot of smaller insults, which went from "Getting beaten up by the police because you demonstrate against Nazis" to "Your own comrades are sexists". The usual; anti-fascist politics is a very ungrateful affair. It is first of all a matter which can be done only in common work. Revolutions are a matter of the revolutionary collective, not of individuals and charismatic leaders. I realized this myself very, very, late. My father (a text about my Mental Health Issues does not do without references to my father) was one of those old 68ers who preferred to refer to Che Guevara rather than to their boring theory reading circle, and when I started my political work he showered me with numerous writings and the like about important and charismatic heroes of different socialist struggles. Which, the whole material suggested, somehow managed to drive away the tsars, kings and dictators in an ALONE way. It was the shining figureheads who were at the forefront of their struggles and who proclaimed the revolution. That's the way I wanted to be. I wanted to be the person who single-handedly saved the world. I didn't realize at the time that these narratives made all the fighters* and theorists*, who were perhaps less photogenic than their leaders, invisible. The desire to become a revolutionary is the left-wing equivalent of the pop star dream (or rather: rock star dream. Heroines are rarely offered). It is the size fantasy of desperate, but also offended young people. It is by no means egalitarian, but rather the authoritarian desire to finally set the tone, veiled from itself as revolutionary consciousness. It is also easier to wait for instructions from above, instead of organizing independently in cells. And people like Ulrike Meinhof or Vladimir Lenin are also better dressed on shirts and book covers than in the image of the tiring plenum of a sailor's council or a women's group. The revolution is not shown on television, but blockbusters can be made about charismatic revolutionaries (who replace the will for boring self-organisation with the trust in a hero who comes and somehow judges everything).
Part 2: And this heroic narrative paralyses, because one is confronted with the fact that one can NEVER TAKE ON THIS ROLE. This is obvious now, but as a teenager this was not clear to me. It was a crushing defeat to learn that I would probably never be able to lead a revolution (but hey, I was 14, at 14 that's a legitimate wish). These narratives of revolutionary leaders that you either wait for or want to be and fail to do, paralyse political struggles. They work, as the Black Lives Matter protests prove, as autonomous groups prove impressively, decentralized, united by a common desire to overturn these conditions, and not by a charismatic revolutionary leader. I hated myself because I was incapable of heralding a liberated society - that was one of the foundations of the all-too-high demands I made on myself. Perhaps it would have helped me more to experience the concrete alternative of solidarity organization instead of being presented with the narratives of heroes. But that does not work out so well. I want to plead for an end to the romanticizing and mystification of revolutionaries as heroic figures. For me it led to destructive self-doubts, for others it leads to the fact that they want to stage themselves as the new Lenin at every single antifa plenum and get on the nerves of all other comrades.
>>140 I love this, yeah we all grow up with this image of the revolutionary ubermensch and ignore *most* people who take part in revolutions >> That's the way I wanted to be. I wanted to be the person who single-handedly saved the world. I didn't realize at the time that these narratives made all the fighters* and theorists*, who were perhaps less photogenic than their leaders, invisible. The desire to become a revolutionary is the left-wing equivalent of the pop star dream (or rather: rock star dream. Heroines are rarely offered). It is the size fantasy of desperate, but also offended young people. It is by no means egalitarian, but rather the authoritarian desire to finally set the tone, veiled from itself as revolutionary consciousness. It is also easier to wait for instructions from above, instead of organizing independently in cells. And people like Ulrike Meinhof or Vladimir Lenin are also better dressed on shirts and book covers than in the image of the tiring plenum of a sailor's council or a women's group. The revolution is not shown on television, but blockbusters can be made about charismatic revolutionaries (who replace the will for boring self-organisation with the trust in a hero who comes and somehow judges everything).

(97.55 KB 774x960 ken_and_karen.jpg)
the armed bourgeoisie lagunanon 06/30/2020 (Tue) 01:57:48 No. 143 [Reply]
Rich people will do anything to protect their wealth, and they understand their wealth and power is directly threatened by any anti-police / anti-racist movement They have guns themselves, and can fund and arm right-wing militias Considering that the wealthy, right wing in the US are so armed, and preparing for counter-revolution, how can we, a poor, less armed movement outmaneuver them?
(81.40 KB 960x960 live_laugh_love.jpg)
considering they are old fucks who can't even hold their guns right, should be a piece of cake
doomer boomers
(136.14 KB 687x960 doomers_boomers.jpg)
>>145 doom doom doom doom doom doom
The last one is amazing. Made me laugh so hard I nearly peed my pants^^
(517.92 KB 960x422 pulp-boomer)

Micah X. Johnson Did Nothing Wrong Anonymous 06/06/2020 (Sat) 10:18:48 No. 149 [Reply]
So glad I came across this site! I've been reluctantly using bunkerchan to keep track of the rebellions in the US since I don't use social media, but it might as well be one of the traditional right-wing chans for how infested with bootlicking tankies and bigots it is. I tend to think left-wing unity is a trap for anarchists; we have almost nothing in common with authcoms, so nonsectarianism just allows us to be used by whatever authoritarian cult sect is dominant at the moment. That is also pretty clearly how they think of us – useful only insofar as we agree with them. So, I think an explicitly anarchist board makes a lot of sense, and we have plenty of sectarianism to spare without even bringing non-anarchists into the mix. Here's hoping it takes off!
Nice to see ya, It's not active but I'm sure we will get more people.
St. Dorner, The only good cop
(56.34 KB 960x576 if_it_wasnt_For_capitalism.jpg)
Glad to see a new person, it is a bit slow right now so plz post and reply as much as you like :)


> infested with bootlicking tankies and bigots

/leftypol/ was a mistake for sure, i think we can have an anonymous space that doesn't celebrate being a complete piece of shit. We need radical alternatives to social media so I hope this place contributes in some small way.

> I tend to think left-wing unity is a trap for anarchists; we have almost nothing in common with authcoms, so nonsectarianism just allows us to be used by whatever authoritarian cult sect is dominant at the moment

Absolutely, i think perhaps tactical alliances are possible, especially in a stage where actual revolution is very far off, but it's pretty clear what the authcoms want to do: use us as a means of hijacking popular movements, convert people to their sect etc.

Tankies are fucking trash and bunkerchan is living proof, imagine a communist forum that allows open anti-semitism and racial slurs.
Absolutely agree, you've converted me too. Authoritarian 'socialists' are the cancer of the radical left, and 'left unity' is just an excuse for them to dominate and destroy left-wing spaces online.

(43.25 KB 500x500 build_anarchy_doggo.jpeg)
Anonymous 05/15/2020 (Fri) 07:46:22 No. 154 [Reply]
what do folks here think about post-civ
(32.71 KB 409x388 signal-2020-05-01-145158_1.jpg)
Mistaken at best, genocidal at worst.
I think you're confusing 'post-civ/ with neo-primitivism
yeah post-civ is more of a critique of primitivism while trying to preserver certain elements of it…

The part where I agree is that civilization itself should be critiqued, hierarchy did not start with Capitalism, Civilization is largely a synonym for a society ruled by a state, for patriarchy etc.

I think what we're trying to do as anarchists is go beyond civilization, to deconstruct embedded ideas about hierarchy, and live in a way that is neither 'primitive' nor 'civilized'

(31.19 KB 680x383 EZZlxHXU0AI1ELF.jpeg)
George Floyd Protets Anonymous 06/01/2020 (Mon) 22:53:33 No. 23 [Reply]
was really hoping they'd burn down the white house last night, trump been hiding in a bunker…

There's a lot of stories about white supremacist agent provocateurs and shit, but it's really been exagerated, mostly the nazis have been attacking people with cars and helping the police, these boogaloo boys proved they ain't shit. some articles:


https://nypost.com/2020/05/31/several-fires-lit-near-white-house-as-d-c-protests-continue-to-rage/?utm_source=twitter_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons

cops have been going crazy all over, here's a pretty good article on that https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/05/george-floyd-protests-police-violence.html?__twitter_impression=true
(73.29 KB 720x405 white_house_cops.jpg)
that great picks from this weekend
It seems like the protests are showing no signs of slowing down?
IGD has an informative post up about the history of the "outside agitators" conspiracy theory being used to slur anarchists https://itsgoingdown.org/the-anti-black-and-anti-semitic-history-of-outside-agitators-an-interview-with-spencer-sunshine/
(81.90 KB 571x680 pepsi.jpeg)
good stuff,

yeah, it's amazing seeing liberals/progressives parroting the age old 'outside agitator' motif. They even called that old guy whose skull they broke an 'agitator'

indeed the keep going with no signs of stopping, cops keep killing people, folks getting more militant.

if only we can shed ourselves of these peace mongers selling people out to the police for anything perceived as 'violent'

pic may or may not be related

(127.16 KB 768x960 firey_police_station.jpg)
you love to see it Anonymous 05/30/2020 (Sat) 04:16:04 No. 20 [Reply]
more burning police stations plz

fucking awsome photo. not exactly a pic but i have this video

the pigs are running scared right now, it really demonstrates that if the people rise up, the pigs can't stop us
(201.67 KB 1024x682 precinctfire3.jpg)
I think that's actually a housing development mid-construction

(441.54 KB 1064x1511 derek murderer.jpg)
anyone on Minneapolis? Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 14:33:25 No. 11 [Reply]
protesters there are doing some good quality shit there. anyone on there, protesting? or at least some good news from there? i heard they are looting places now, fuck yeah.
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really frustrating all this respectability bullshit'

"that's not the right way to protest"

no, this is the right way to protest
They set a fucking police station on fire tonight, I love it
so what I'm hearing is it's a pretty well organized protest, they're intentionally avoiding small businesses and residences and attacking corporate property, police stations etc.

This isn't just 'random voilence' but coodinated insurrectionary activity…
who knew the pigs could be defeated so easily https://twitter.com/i/status/1266214798326464513
and it keeps going, apparrently a second police station burnt down, national guard retreated…

protests have broken out all over the country it's really inspiring,
Louisville Kentuky, Outside of the White House, New York, Dallas Texas, Denver Colorado to name a few

police and right wing militias have been attacking people though

In bakersfield someone attempted a car ramming type attack

(29.67 KB 750x715 empanada_n.jpg)
Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 06:24:34 No. 158 [Reply]

(296.96 KB 998x604 mr-burns-capitalism.png)
Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 05:56:23 No. 160 [Reply]
sick of these motherfuckers

(344.95 KB 800x496 death_jellyfish2.png)
Happy May 1st Anonymous 05/02/2020 (Sat) 02:19:05 No. 161 [Reply]
happy may day evrbody, anything happen in your areas?
ain't shit
a pandemic
they called another one of those general strikes which didn't happen lol
i didn't go to work, but then i don't have a job
interesting contradiction
can't strike if everyone is laid off
but then those 'essential workers' are in a better position to negotiate if they do go on strike

We have to build a new world Anonymous 05/12/2020 (Tue) 07:45:59 No. 167 [Reply]
When it comes to white supremacist capitalism, ending is better than mending. Detournement comrades! Fuck the police, free all prisoners, liberation for all oppressed people! Death to private property and the bourgeoisie!
typical food not bombs cook right there

(24.94 KB 950x400 _burn_.jpg)
no friggin idea Anonymous 05/11/2020 (Mon) 08:35:18 No. 169 [Reply]
I only just found out about this board and it seems my kinda thing. I've always been into cyberpunk and the image is some graffiti from my cyberpunk novel/story/thing I never work on. Not sure how many people are here but I came here through a fedbook group with one of the posters
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That's pretty fuckin cool

I really like the spiritual element there, a touch of magical realism, can really explore a bunch of fruedian / jungian concepts that.

Also, that opens up a lot of possibilities, for exmaple, viritual reality, like you mention virtual space manifesting the collective unconcious( idk if there's some kind of neuro-internet there), or ever hackers… can souls be hacked?

Also, being able to 3d print matter itself, so hypothetically, one could 3d print gold or uranium or what have you…

Just vibin, great concept, hope you keep working on it :)
The main thing that I've been going back and forth on is how corporate capitalism keeps people from making whatever they want, and the answer is basically the same as it'd have to be in the real world: DRM, except taken to the extremest degree compared to our world because of their control (They can force deletion of and revoke access to files more easily than real world companies). Don't get me wrong though, there are groups of people in the abandoned outer city subverting all of this: attempting to find ways to print food to feed the hungry, people who have set up their own locations supplying pirated designs of weapons/materials etc.

And exactly as you said, there is direct neural interfacing where people connect their brain to virtual space with a unit installed in their heads), and that does lead to situations where people are copied, changed by or even lost in the virtual world. Also the constant risk for hackers to get fried by their hardware when corporations track them down, but that's standard cyberpunk stuff. Because their virtual networks are made from the same basic material (Essence) as people at the lowest level, I wanted to really blur the line between real life and virtual life. Eventually some of the collective unconscious archetypes manage to manifest in the real world.
good stuff

the DRM thing really appeals to me, like this has been an obsession for me since early on, the idea that corporations can take information off the internet for good, it's basically turned me into a data hoarder, I've tried hard to download all the music i'd ever want to listen to, all the movies, Books and games

The fear is that eventually these things will be in a database somewhere, inaccessible unless you pay some rediculous amount, so i've always seen piracy not just as free shit, but an act of resistance and a defense of culture against a capitalist machine actively hoarding and dstroying it.
I see piracy the same way. I don't know where the internet is going, but there are plenty of people out there who don't like that the internet was basically the lawless wild west and want to lock everything down or cost a fee. That's one of the reasons why so much entertainment is becoming service-based instead of product-based. It's convenient that I can get all my music on spotify, or all my games on steam, but it's all on their terms. I mean, the basic mechanism of capitalism is to exploit, and you can't exploit where there's abundance.
Yeah I remember when pandora first started and getting mad at people for using it I'm liek "why don't you pirate it???" as if it was a moral imperative.

I am somewhat optimisitic towards what they're calling 'web3.0" the federated services like mastodon that create decentralized social networks — https://fediverse.party/

In particular there's services like https://funkwhale.audio/
and reel2bits https://dev.sigpipe.me/dashie/reel2bits i don't think either are complete but they would allow people to upload their music libraries or original compositions on a distributed network, since it's decentralized it's almost impossible to take down.

(12.40 KB 220x219 Mark_fisher.jpg)
mark fisher appreciation thread Anonymous 04/23/2020 (Thu) 07:13:17 No. 178 [Reply]
feel like pure shite just want him back
One of the greats of our times

Capitalist Realism is a modern classic and I recommend it for everybody

He also had a great sense of aesthetics, I've used this as an opportunity to relurk his blog (been a few years)


Libcom has most of his writings in slightly more accessible format https://libcom.org/tags/mark-fisher
(66.38 KB 640x972 egress-cover-640x972.jpg)
Finally got around to reading XG's book on Mark Fisher the other day now we're in lockdown. Still feel too small-brained to understand half of the academic philosophy wank in the book but still found it quite interesting
same bruh
Mark Fisher is essentially required reading for contemporary theorists.

Food not bombs? Anonymous 04/27/2020 (Mon) 23:47:34 No. 5 [Reply]
Is food not bombs a good org to join? there isn't a close org near me. I was hoping someone could give me a good idea of joining.
(10.81 KB 300x212 turnip-the-heat.jpg)
Food Not Bombs is great, if there isn't a chapter near you, you can always get some people together and start one.

The way it was once explained to me is that it's not something that you join, it's something you do. Personally I've done food not bombs – or been to FNB food shares, in like 5 different cities.

The strategie's real simple: get vegan food, prepare it, distribute it.

What's most important is being consistent. You want to pick a place that you'll be able to distribute food at and make sure that you're there the same time every week or so. Over time hungry people will find out about it and more people will start showing up.

You can use food shares as opportunities to for organizations to meet, and everyone is always welcome to bring food themselves.

The difficult part of course is acquiring food, dumpster diving is one way, but then when it comes to local businesses you can always ask the business owner if they would like to *donate* the food that they're throwing out, you can also do food drives or whatever.

You don't need many people to keep this going, One (1) consistant person is enough, but 3 to 5 people will make it alot easier.
Thanks for the info

(98.79 KB 720x900 compost_wave.jpg)
c o m p o s t w a v e Anonymous 04/27/2020 (Mon) 01:57:29 No. 4 [Reply]
dig it?

Anonymous 04/25/2020 (Sat) 01:33:51 No. 183 [Reply]
how must it have felt to be right about everything?
(305.07 KB 663x659 ira_slaps_uk.png)
connolly was the compromise
(68.75 KB 732x341 ira_take_a_shit.jpg)

(45.32 KB 297x457 bombthrowinganarchists_5208.jpg)
the bomb throwing anarchist Anonymous 04/03/2020 (Fri) 07:38:42 No. 186 [Reply]
is this a stereotype or real?

just listened to a podcast about that, Behind the Bastards is probs my favorite podcast, i listen every week https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/part-one-the-second-american-civil-61485728/