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/wav/ is for a e s t h e t i c s punks, waves, cores etc. labourwave, cyberpunk, night core, retro vibes whateva
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I just might, care to give a little info?
Cant join....
>>38 yeah that link never worked for me either OP is a ghost
Hmmm suspicious^^
>>43 i never really liked discord anyway, way too heavy for a fucking IM app, the company itself is shady IMO Eventually we need to get a martrix/riot server up and running, don't like the idea of relying on some shady corporation for 'private' chat
Tbh I dont know. I use discord a lot and find it pretty convinient. Nothing to plan the revolution on though :)
>>45 yeah, a lot of people use it, i was thinking about making a discord for this thang but i'm somewhat of a open source purist
(31.37 KB 128x128 be_not_afraid.png)
>>72 I >>72 what is it?
sorry i accidentally deleted this cool link to like a writing workshop, didn't mean to do it, it was right next to some nazi shit