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TEXTPUNK THREAD: ASCII ART, SSH, IRC, GOPHER, USENT etc. lagunanon 01/19/2022 (Wed) 00:15:40 No. 70
Here's some resources for my fellow TXTpunks There's a good collection at ASCII ART at https://16colo.rs you can download ASCII in bulk here http://linuxconsole.net/ascii_art.html & http://artscene.textfiles.com/vt100/ I'd recommend these terminal based forums: > Cursedboard - ssh/curses based forum ssh bit@whisper.onthewifi.com https://github.com/whisperchan/cursedboard > Analogcity ssh lowlife@ https://github.com/analogcity/analogcity > Cyberland http://cyberland.bobignou.red/config https://github.com/Arkaeriit/Cyberland-server > Sshchan ein.blue (currently down) https://einchan.neocities.org/ https://github.com/einchan/sshchan Shell forum (not up but interesting ) https://github.com/mikkel1156/Shell-Forum also a bunch of 'tilde' style communities basically a shared computer with IRC, Usnet and other locally available resources > Tildeverse Overview: http://tilde.club/%7Epfhawkins/othertildes.html http://tilde.town/ https://tilde.chat has a collection of tilde based irc rooms anarchist tilde here: https://breadpunk.club Speaking of IRC i like > Anonirc irc.sageru.org https://sageru.org/irc/documentation.html >Cyberia http://www.cyberia.is/ >libera.chat pretty active irc.autistici.org is also cool but slow or check out the og tildes @ http://sdf.org or http://grex.org Some other textboards: > Midnight pub, text based community https://midnight.pub micro blog https://sr.ht source https://sr.ht/ > Rawtext.club the slow social network https://rawtext.club/ > Multichan - federated tag based textboards, currently down :( http://4x13.net/what.html https://github.com/153/multichan https://0chan.vip > And of course https://dangeru.us/ Bonus: This is just a weird ass forum :P agora road macintosh cafe https://forum.agoraroad.com
>>70 along the lines of a tilde and old school webhosting > http://transistorcafe.net/ check out list of 'under contruction' gifs http://textfiles.com/underconstruction/ > trash.town another tilde but on a dedicated machine, nice minimalist website here's some stuff Similar to rawtext.club and midnight.pub https://atob.xyz https://volvox.observer https://gossips.cafe/ https://bus-stop.net/ https://postbox.garden check out https://smol.pub/ for real microblogging
(76.16 KB 160x120 eating_may.gif)
>>70 >>101 > W e b r i n g s Bunch of cool automatic webring services out https://hotlinewebring.club/ https://xn--sr8hvo.ws/directory (an indieweb webring ) https://fediring.net/#table-of-members ( for fedizens ) My ideal webring would look about like lainchan's see https://xenobyte.xyz/links but having an automated user manageable script is cool, could possible use webring type concept to manage something like "federation" on an imageboard
There's SchemeBBS, it has an emacs mode client.
>>101 It's so fucking weird that all the people on the transitorcafe.net discord server are some flavour of trans
>>104 get it? trans--istor cafe muahaha really not that weird, trans and gender non conforming folks always been over represented in tech and so the same woudl go for retroweb cyberpunk type stuff We are Anonymous by Parmy Olsen touches on this a bit
>>70 just found out about sshchat you can just put > ssh ssh.chat into the terminal to join the room source code here: https://github.com/shazow/ssh-chat